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an incredible recruiting team you will love working with

Don't let hiring hold you back.
We may be a startup but there are decades of experience
and a network of top performing recruiters behind this team.
We can help you hire key talent quickly and cost-effectively
without the overhead of a full-time in-house talent acquisition team.
All delivered with a smile!


setup an easy-to-launch embedded recruiting partnership, 
and offload some or all your recruiting work to us


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we bring you Fortune 100

Recruiting Frameworks
and execute them with in-house precision

Talent matters are people matters, requiring time, expertise, innovation, strategic collaboration, and a great deal of dedication to get it right.


Our founder, Susie, grew into this space after 10 years of people operations experience working with industry leaders across iconic companies. She began her career in Luxury Hospitality Human Resources at Four Seasons in Miami, propelled into Recruiting and Employer Branding with InterContinental Hotel Group and moved to work in Big Tech and live across the country from California to New York with Google. Her multi-city, multi-sector talent acquisition leadership trajectory gave her an edge when it comes to managing recruiting and talent programs at scale. Using data, technology and people-centric strategies, she inspires our team at outertalent  to create exceptional recruiting experiences and thoughtful partnerships  that elevate careers, brands and communities. 

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a go-to-partner for forward-thinking recruiting solutions that transform potential into performance

Open-Mindedness and Resilience

We embrace new people, ideas, challenges, and perspectives. We remain optimistic, flexible, and adaptable in the face of change, solving problems collaboratively and creatively.

Honesty and Dependability

We communicate with transparency and integrity and are reliable and trustworthy in all our actions. We show our best effort, exercising empathy and candor to drive solutions.

Grit and Results

We work with tenacity and determination to achieve outstanding outcomes. We relentlessly nurture our knowledge and expertise, leading with a can-do, no-excuses attitude.

Caring and Community

We genuinely care about others and our community. We strive to build meaningful relationships and prioritize making a positive impact in all we do, everywhere we go.

Inspiration and Celebration

We believe in a high-effort, high-reward culture. We demonstrate serious commitment to our purpose, delivering superbly and celebrating each other's successes plentifully.


"I witnessed Susie's leadership, agility, and strategy required to create a scalable infrastructure to drive delivery with representation across a rapidly growing and critical business for Google."

Erin Z - Google


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challenges our team can help you with

Urgent Talent Needs

You need to hire top talent immediately to support key roles.

Recruiting Process Improvements

You need to optimize your recruitment strategy.

Team Capacity

You need to add bandwidth to your in-house talent team.

Maintaining a High Bar

You need to prioritize the quality of hires.

Diversity Efforts

You need to boost diversity in hiring.

Reducing Agency Expenses

Your need more cost-effective recruitment solutions.


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offload some or all your recruiting work to us

We help you manage sourcing or the end-to-end recruitment process as embedded recruiters, from job posting to onboarding, ensuring each step reflects the organization's brand values, and attracting top talent cost-effectively without the overhead of a full-time in-house talent acquisition team. 


drive higher recruiting performance from your in-house team

We can help you offer comprehensive training programs designed to upskill your in-house recruiting team with the latest tools, techniques, and knowledge to excel in talent acquisition. Our services include customized training programs, advanced recruitment techniques, employer branding strategies, diversity and inclusion training, performance metrics and analytics, and ongoing support and development.


promote a culture of networking and referrals

We help you design and implement effective referral programs that incentivize your employees to recommend qualified candidates. Our approach includes creating clear guidelines, managing the referral process, and tracking the success of referred hires. By leveraging the trust and connections within your organization, we help you find candidates who are a cultural fit and come highly recommended, leading to shorter time to hire, higher retention rates and employee satisfaction.


strategically align pipeline with future business needs

We help you design and manage internship programs that attract bright, ambitious individuals eager to learn and grow. Our services include structuring internships, sourcing candidates, and overseeing the entire process from onboarding to program completion. We ensure that your internship program is compliant with industry standards and provides valuable experiences aligned with your company’s goals and culture. Investing in internships helps you cultivate a pipeline of future talent and fosters a culture of strategic planning and mentorship within your organization.


showcase a magnetic employer value proposition

We help you define and showcase a strong employer brand that attracts top talent and enhances your reputation as an employer of choice. Our services include developing a compelling employer value proposition (EVP), creating engaging content for career pages, social media, and job advertisements, and managing your employer brand presence across various platforms. We conduct employer brand audits and provide strategic recommendations to improve your visibility and attractiveness to potential candidates. By highlighting your unique culture, values, and benefits, we position your organization as a desirable place to work, equipped to attract and retain the key talent.


make informed decisions with data driven insights

We help provide insights on competitive compensation, benefits, and workplace trends to align with market expectations and enhance employee satisfaction. We use advanced analytics to integrate comprehensive market data into recruiting and talent management strategies, ensuring offerings are both attractive and competitive, positioning the organization as a leader in talent retention and attraction, and enhancing the employer brand.

we're brightening the future
of outsourced recruiting
our embedded solutions are agile, powered by extensive training, tech and data,
and always delivered with a people and service centric approach.
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