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we work with visionary leaders to design and execute recruiting and retention  strategies that help bring their people and their business forward.

strategic talent acquisition and retention advisory
accelerating growth for businesses and talent



Fortune 100 Expertise

with Boutique Precision

Talent matters are people matters, requiring time, expertise, innovation, collaboration, and a great deal of dedication to get it right.


Our founder, Susie, grew into this space after 10 years of human resources and recruiting experience working with industry leaders across iconic companies like Four Seasons, InterContinental Hotel Group and most recently Google. Her multi-sector talent acquisition leadership trajectory gave her an edge when it comes to managing recruiting and talent programs at scale. Using data, technology and people-centric strategies, she inspires our team at outertalent  to create exceptional recruiting and employee experiences that elevate careers, brands and communities. 

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Meet Amy and Mel

dedicated engagement and operations partners

ready to enable growth for good

We are excited to be part of a team that's purposeful, focused on being an agent for good in our communities, by helping businesses and professionals amplify their reach and capabilities to succeed in the talent market.


We enjoy working on strategic recruiting partnerships with established businesses and startups alike. As a modern boutique recruiting firm, inclusive talent supplier, and advocate for equitable hiring, we thrive at problem-solving recruiting challenges and are constantly pursuing excellence in our operations to help our clients and candidates realize their goals with confidence, and also faster.


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"I witnessed Susie's leadership, agility, and strategy required to create a scalable infrastructure to drive delivery with representation across a rapidly growing and critical business for Google."

Erin Z - Google


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All-In Partnerships

we do our homework
We go beyond our experiences, and become well-versed in the work our clients do, their mission, vision, culture and brand - acting as an extension of their teams, while actively contributing to how they can optimize their recruiting and talent management strategy for the long term. 

use proven frameworks 
We have worked extensively for scaling businesses, from startups to Fortune 100 companies across technology and luxury hospitality, bringing to the table industry leading know-how and rich talent networks - think optimized processes, AI tools, and pipeline and brand boosting community partnerships and referrals.

and partner like we mean it
We've seen how it makes a difference when we truly engage with our clients' challenges and opportunities, focusing on how to be successful together, so that’s exactly what we do - we show-up, listen, collaborate, improve and deliver, plus, being on speed dial is our pleasure. 


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offload some or all your recruiting work to us

We help manage the end-to-end recruitment process as embedded recruiters, from job posting to onboarding, ensuring each step reflects the organization's brand values, and attracting top talent cost-effectively without the overhead of a full-time in-house talent acquisition team. 


drive higher performance and reduce turnover

We help develop and implement initiatives to deepen engagement and ensure team members are motivated by and aligned with the organization’s mission, values, and standards, enhancing organizational culture alignment and feelings of trust and belonging that drive higher performance and reduce turnover.


promote a healthier workplace culture

We help revamp performance management and reward systems to better align with company’s values, behaviors, standards and productivity expectations. We develop customized frameworks that reflect organizational values and goals, integrate continuous feedback loops, and utilize advanced technology to analyze performance data, ensuring reviews and reward systems work effectively, enhancing employee motivation and satisfaction.


strategically align recruiting with future business needs

We help forecast and strategically plan to proactively meet future talent needs by aligning with business objectives and adapting to market trends. We utilize performance data and skills assessments to inform and guide workforce planning, driving sustainable business growth and enhancing operational efficiency by strategically aligning talent acquisition with future business needs.


invest in employee education and advancement

We help you create tailored training and development paths for employees that align with their individual career goals and the organization's strategic needs. We integrate development programs with thorough competency analysis and succession planning to ensure alignment with organizational goals, boosting the organization's overall effectiveness, adaptability, and growth potential by investing in employee education and advancement.


make informed decisions with data driven insights

We help provide insights on competitive compensation, benefits, and workplace trends to align with market expectations and enhance employee satisfaction. We use advanced analytics to integrate comprehensive market data into recruiting and talent management strategies, ensuring offerings are both attractive and competitive, positioning the organization as a leader in talent retention and attraction, and enhancing the employer brand.


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Hiring & Retaining Great Talent Can Be Hard. We Make It Easier.
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