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Building High Performing Teams, Together. 

We understand the challenges. Hiring the right talent at the right time can be hard. Finding a great job can be tough. And sitting on either side of the interviewing table can be stressful. Talent matters are people matters, requiring time, expertise, innovation, collaboration, and a great deal of dedication to get it right.

That's why at OuterTalent, we are excited to engage in strategic recruiting partnerships with established businesses and startups alike. We are a modern boutique recruiting firm, inclusive talent supplier, and advocate for equitable hiring. We thrive at problem-solving recruiting challenges and are constantly pursuing excellence in our operations. Our mission is to help businesses and professionals amplify their reach and capabilities to succeed in the talent market, and realize their business and career goals, faster. 

Let's work together!


Susie Mederos

Founder and Managing Partner at OuterTalent

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"I'm thrilled to bring over a decade of talent acquisition expertise, learnings, and an expansive professional network to OuterTalent. My experiences in big-tech, startup, and hospitality recruiting with Fortune 100 leaders from Google, Webpass, IHG, and Four Seasons have shaped my skills, approach and passion for this work. I'm energized to lead our team of Talent Success Partners as we work to make it easier for businesses and professionals to connect, grow, and succeed."

Meet the Team Leads
that Enable Yours

Beyond their industry expertise and rich talent networks, their passion for recruiting excellence is what really drives our leads and inspires our consultants everywhere to go the extra mile, every time. 

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Our Purpose

Embracing More Talent

We believe in lifting barriers and embracing more talent from all backgrounds. Our purpose is to cultivate expansive, inclusive talent pools and empower leaders to reach within and beyond their networks and open doors for talent from all cultures and communities, inviting them to join their journeys and thrive together.

How We Partner With You

Understanding Needs

Through our discovery process, we assess the scope of your recruiting needs, existing resources, workflows, tooling, and dependencies. We meet with your key stakeholders to learn about your company's culture, understand your unique context, and align on timelines and deliverables.

Customizing Solutions 

We activate our operations team, consultants and recruiter networks tailored to your requirements. We partner with you to optimize a plan and deploy our resources with your goals in mind. We set up feedback loops and success metrics for ongoing monitoring.

Delivering Results

With your success as our top priority, we get to work. We collaborate with your internal teams to drive the results you need. We maintain keen focus on data and consultative process improvement, to always enable the better outcomes, and win together.

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Hire, And Get Hired
With Confidence, And Faster.
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